26th June 2015

Fledgling birds, including the brown speckled baby Robin, are a round a lot at the moment. Here are a fledgling Robin, the similar-looking fledgling Dunncok and a young Long-Tailed Tit. The baby Robin will be fed for about three weeks after fledging, often by the male at this point because the female is getting ready for her second brood. Robins are so fiercely territorial towards other Robins (they will fight to the death), it is thought that young Robins do not get a red breast till a partial moult when they are 2-3 months old, to protect them from attack by adult Robins! The young

Young fledgling Robin

Young fledgling Robin

Young Dunnock

Young Dunnock

Young Long Tailed Tit

Young Long Tailed Tit

Dunnock, though a bit speckled, is very similar in general colour to the adult, as is the Long-Tailed Tit which is just fluffier with less distinct markings. Conditions: Sun and cloud following two gloriously sunny days down here in Sussex. Temperature: Max 20- Min 13c.


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