23rd June 2015

Goldfinches are back, loving the sunflower seeds but proving rather messy eaters, bits of seed flying off all over the place! I’ve talked before about the Victorian trade in these beautiful birds, trapped to sell on as caged birds. I didn’t quite realise the numbers: for example, 132,000 were taken in Worthing, Sussex, alone, in the year 1860! No wonder the population crashed and the Goldfinch became one of the first priorities of the putative RSPB (first called the ‘Society for the Protection of Birds’). I also always thought the collective noun ‘a Charm of Goldfinches’ was due to their charm but apparently it derives from the Old English c’irm which described their delicate chattering calls. Conditions: Less breeze, dry with a lot of light cloud after yesterdays much needed rain showers. Temperature: Max 20- Min 11c.IMG_0037

Messt eaters of sunflower seeds!

Messy eaters of sunflower seeds!


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