26th May 2015

Homing Pigeons– I watched these at the weekend, in a local garden. They were feeding from grain on the ground. On the way to Sussex tomorrow so am just posting some facts and photo’s of these birds which so often alight in our garden’s to rest or feed up. They are descended from the Rock Dove, still to be found on our rocky coasts. The IMG_9021IMG_9183IMG_9104IMG_9044earliest recording of them being used to carry messages was 1200BC, when they carried news of flooding along the Nile. Arabs called them ‘The King’s Angels’ and they look quite ethereal in flight. In the 1800’s the whole of France was covered by an official pigeon post, and of course they were used by both sides, in World War 1 and 2, to carry vital messages to and from the front line. Now they are still reared and flown by local people from pigeon lofts around the city. Conditions: Warmer, with sunny intervals and a breeze. Temperature: Max 15- Min 7c.

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