31st March 2015

Male Chaffinch

Male Chaffinch


Male Chaffinches, like most of our birds, are really coming into their brightest plumage by now, ready for breeding. The greyer feathers of their winter caps are growing out, revealing the blue cap typical of spring and summer. We are seeing quite a lot of Chaffinches compared to some years, but mostly the males right now. Females are probably busy building their cup-shaped nests in the fork of trees, preferring open woodland but the nests could be in gardens and parks, too. They lay 4-5 eggs and both parents feed the young. Chaffinches are Passerines,a word that used to puzzle me but it just means perching birds. However, like Robins and Blackbirds, some are learning to hover by hanging feeders and grabbing a morsel of seed. Conditions: Strong winds and heavy showers through the night, with sunny intervals, hail and rain showers and strong gusts of wind in the day. Temperature: Max 8- Min 2c.


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