16th March 2015

These wonderful Long-Tailed Tits are probably already gathering materials and building their complex nests. The nests, built by male and female working together, are usually located in dense thickets among shrubs with thorns. I haven’t see any gathering any of the 2,000 or more feathers they use to line their nests yet and will put feathers out for them in a few days, in order to help. The other three materials are lichen, moss and many spiders webs. The latter are woven into the fabric of the beautiful nests so that, as the young hatch and grow the elasticity in the webs allows the nest to expand as they do. In the meantime, we are lucky just to be able to watch these fascinating birds at the feeder. Conditions: Dreary day with drizzle and heavy rain. Temperature: Max 6- Min 3c.

Such small round bodies and long tails!

Such small round bodies and long tails!


1 thought on “16th March 2015

  1. They are beautiful little things. We see them arrive in a wee mob, eat heir fill, and then move on, it’s really hard to get them in the viewfinder so I’m very impressed with your photos.


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