14th January 2015

Huge flocks of Canada Geese were present today at the wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park, seen here appropriately walking by the Caro sculpture ‘Promenade’.. This large Goose was introduced to St James Park in London, from North America, in the 17th

Promenading Canada Goose

Promenading Canada Goose

Large flock of Canada Geese feeding on grass in front of Caro's sculpture

Large flock of Canada Geese feeding on grass in front of Caro’s sculpture

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Century. From a few individuals it has spread to become numerous and ubiquitous in the UK, seen in almost every park and grassland, often becoming quite a pest in urban areas. The oldest living Canada Goose has been recorded at 31 years, and in the wild they often live to their mid twenties. They are also monogamous, and where several have had young they often bring the Goslings up together in ‘creches’. Their varied diets (eating grass, seeds, roots and leaves), and their longevity has helped  them spread so widely and survive in very varied habitats. They themselves are reportedly one of the most unappetising Geese in the world! Conditions: A very cold, sunny day starting with frost and a dusting of snow. Temperature: Max 4- Min 3c.


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