April 5th 2014

Looking round the garden today we spotted a Froglet, about 1 cm long, in the flower border. They are low on the food chain and are likely to be snapped up by reptiles, birds or even other frogs! This Froglet is probably one born locally last year and is a very welcome sight, both for being a beautiful little creature, and for eating unwanted bugs such as slugs before the bugs eat the plants! Even without an area of water in your garden you will be likely to have frogs of all ages living with you. Adding a small pond would help them out, since 70% of our natural lakes and wetlands have been lost over the last 100 years. Worldwide, frog-species are being lost at an alarming rate, largely due to the spread of a fungus nicknamed ‘amphibian smallpox’. This feels rather ironic since frog species have been found to have potentially invaluable natural chemicals for our own health, including a substance on the skin of one species that looks a likely candidate for killing hospital super bugs! Conditions: Cloud and some rain, with a gentle south-west breeze. Temperature Max 13- Min 12c.


Froglet in the garden

Froglet in the garden


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